Choose any two English songs whose lyrics you like.

Find the lyrics, copy/write them. Use WORD.


Translate the two songs into Hebrew. (10 points) My assessment ___

Report on the translation process. (What difficulties arose? How did you deal with them? What did you learn about Hebrew or English as a result of the translation? Be specific.) (10 points) My assessment ___


What ideas/themes are dealt with in each song? (What do you think the writer of the song is trying to say to the listener?)

Do you agree with these ideas? What is your reaction to the lyrics?

(15 points) My assessment ___


List any words/phrases/lines/rhymes etc. that you like more than others? Explain why you like them.

(Is it because of meaning, sound, position in sentence, association, symbolism, originality, other?) (10 points) My assessment ___


Do some research on the lyricist/singer/band. Find at least two sources of information (preferably three) and combine and arrange the information clearly. (Use color/font or any other method to indicate which information came from which source. You must obviously list your sources. Your own writing (connecting sentences, introduction, conclusion etc.) should also be indicated. (15 points) My assessment ___


Write a monologue/ dialogue/play/short story/diary entry/poem/an account of a personal experience/other (discuss with me first) inspired by/related to the songs you have chosen. (20 points) My assessment ___

VII. REFLECTION (Be specific!)

Write what you enjoyed/disliked about this project.

Write what you learned when doing this project? 1. About yourself 2. About language learning.

Write what you would like to do next to improve your English (taking into account you experience from this project). (10 points) My assessment ___

Requirements: Project must be typed well, printed, illustrated (3 points) and presented in a plastic folder (2 points) with a tape recording of the chosen songs. (2 points) Include an opening page (2 points) and this project instruction page. Each section will be assessed on the quality of the content, quality of the writing (grammar, spelling, expression) and the effort taken.
Assess yourself on this page. (1 point)
My assessment ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

To be completed within 14 21 days from the moment you start.

     ENJOY yourselves.
Im looking forward to reading your work and listening to your songs.

To find lyrics you may find these links useful:

M.A. Dissertation - a study of the Lyrics Project -submitted in part fulfillment of degree of Master of Arts in Applied English Language Studies Department of English Languages and Literature, University of Liverpool, UK. July 2004.
Understanding Motivation: student response to a song lyrics project.
An examination of the motivational elements of tasks within a specific EFL project, The Lyrics Projects as perceived by Israeli students and teachers, and the implications of the findings for creating motivating EFL tasks. Pillemer, J.
This link leads you to the ABSTRACT and from there to the full dissertation.

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