Over the last few years I have accumulated quite a large amount of very funny material.
Most of it has simply arrived in my e-mail box.  ETNI members and other friends have posted the material and instead of deleting the messages I have saved them. I knew that I would find good use for this material as a teacher.
Perhaps, you will also choose to bring a smile to your students' lips

Unfortunately, I can not give credit to the authors or the compilers; in most cases the credit didn't appear in the e-mail messages .



COMPUTER RELATED Please drop me a line and tell if and how you incorporated any of this material into your teaching. Thanks!

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jackpil@013.net Please note that the above address has replaced all the other addresses that you might find on the site. I am trying to get to every reference to my old addresses which no longer function. It is a time consuming task (that I do not have the time for!). Please remember to contact me only at this address.

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