Community Service Project


by Jack Pillemer

[Public Oral Presentation, supported by PowerPoint Presentation of pupils' volunteer/ community work

"Mehuyavut Ishit"followed by Formal Written Report and Reflection.]

A. Brief description

Don't be put off by the rather daunting-sounding title and number of pages. This is a great project. It's been tried and tested and is ready for re-use.

Below is a simple description of what happens. Once the basic idea is clear, the more technical instructions and rationale are easier to follow:

Your grade X pupils have been volunteering doing different forms of community service - "Mehuyavut Ishit." They report on their experience in a number of ways:

First in groups or individually pupils create simple PowerPoint slide shows of 4-5 slides. (A poster could easily replace this if your class does not have access to computers.)

Then, fleshing out the points made in the PowerPoint slides, they report orally to an audience.

Prior to actually starting, you and the pupils together set up the criteria for good PowerPoint slide shows and good oral presentations. These points provide the basis for a checklist used while the pupils prepare, and later they are used in an assessment form.

After everyone has presented orally using the PowerPoint slides as a focus, the pupils write up a formal written report.

Finally, the pupils write their personal reflections regarding the project.

All the work is done in class and the project takes approximately 12 lessons.

Feel free to adopt and adapt this project to suit your needs.

Let me know how it works out

Click here for the full project in Word format including :

  • A detailed description of the procedure.
  • New Curriculum benchmarks and/goals
  • Criteria for Assessment
  • Pre-requisite skills and knowledge
  • Appendix I - Project Instructions for Pupils
  • Appendix II - Checklist/Assessment Criteria for PowerPoint
  • Appendix III - Checklist/Assessment Criteria for Oral Presentation
  • Appendix IV - Shortened version of Checklist/Assessment Criteria
  • Appendix V - Form for Formal Written Report
  • Appendix VI - Sample Reflection page

Click here for an example of the Powerpoint Presentation prepared by Shahar and Idan as part of their project

Jack Pillemer

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