Creative work

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet

  Boyar High School

Grade 11 


Below is a selection of creative writing by pupils in Grade 11 at Boyar School Jerusalem. They studied Romeo and Juliet as part of their English literature program and at the end they had to do a project. For part of the project they could do creative work: I received 4 videoed scenes, 4 paintings and  1 sculpture (all with written explanations), many poems, dialogues etc, saw 1 puppet show and  even heard one original piece of music using the words of the text as lyrics.

Below is a selection of some of the writing.

Jack Pillemer

I have decided to write a poem taking my inspiration from one of the messages of the story (Romeo and Juliet) that we have discussed in class, which claims that parents shouldn’t interfere too much in their children’s lives. 

Itai Simhoni

My mom had told me to study harder,

Therefore I failed my tests.

I was told to learn from my father,

That’s why I repeat his mistakes.

A deaf DJ told me to stay away from loud music,

So I went to clubs all night long.

A friend told me that musicians live like beggars,

And this is the reason for writing this song.

Don’t you get it?  We do the opposite of your advice! Therefore,

Don’t interfere in my life; I’ve already said it twice, or even more!

Written by Itai Simhoni  (Grade 11)

I enjoyed trying to write my own sonnet – Elena Yesilevich.  (Grade 11)

A sonnet by  Elena Yesilevich  


I wish you’d come here to be with me,

I long for it and fear it at the same time.

This night is supposed to be for thee,

But I feel that I’m a shrine,

That you can not profane tonight,

I love thee so dearly and so greatly.

But this light of mine is not love-light,

I know it I, it’s my ability.

To claim from you my life alter,

So thou can not hurt me in any way.

I can live all the days ever after,

Being me, each day.

Therefore stay in your bubble honey, but be gone!

Because I’m an independent woman who will go on!



By HAREL BARAVIK  (Grade 11)

Many people would probably say that the comparison between Romeo and Juliet –the symbol of love stories, and the Israelis and Palestinians grudge is ridiculous.

I thought so until not very long ago and that's very reasonable, because what can possibly be similar between a typical love story, and a very serious long term dispute between two large nations. However, I found out that I was very wrong.

First of all, Romeo and Juliet is not just any love story; there is a lot more significance in it, which can be related to all kinds of themes we deal with every single day. And if we examine the play we can see a lot of similarities between it and our "ancient grudge" with the Palestinians.

Our situation with them very much resembles to the constant "feuding" between the two families in the play.

The feelings of both sides can be expressed by the line in the play: "Down with the Capulets! Down with the Montagues!"

I think we all have already reached a point where we don't think of the other side's feelings or losses. We don't try to understand the situation, but only blame them for our suffering and want them to suffer too. We should all wake up and see that this is a "game", where all the sides constantly loose and the solution is not wishing to win, but trying to understand and listen to the other side.

Most of us are afraid of "them", don’t like "them" or don't want "them" near us. The main problem is to find a way of living together peacefully. This way has not yet  been found and every meeting with them comes to a confrontation and most times even worse, it ends with violence. As it happened when Tybalt saw Romeo at his uncle's party in the play and said: "This is a Montague, our foe  ... A villain that is hither come in spite" .That is probably the way we all think (both sides) when we see the other side. We feel uncomfortable, afraid and we also feel anger, although we don't know the person personally.

We are all activated by pain and hate, which makes us do radical acts which we all will regret later. We will look at the past and think, how could we have been so stupid? As Romeo said:" And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now!" when Tybalt killed his best friend. We are caught up in circle of blood and pain and I am sure we can't break it with violence and hate as Romeo didn't solve a single thing by killing Tybalt, but made things only worse. He thought revenge would make him feel better, but it didn't and it wouldn't in our case either.

Even though everybody thinks "Romeo and Juliet" is a very sad tragedy I don't think so. I think there is a very happy end; after all, if we think about it, the play wasn't about the story of teenager's love. That was just the framework. The real point was how a feud between two families ended because of a common loss. So I ask myself every time I read the end of the play: Why doesn't our feud come to an end, after all, we have lost a lot more than the two families. More moms have lost more children than we want to accept. Why are they so smart to finish the feud and we are not?

Shakespeare probably made them a lot smarter than we are. And in real life things are a lot more complicated than in the play. The real tragedy is our life!     

We are hurt (physically and emotionally) and the Palestinians are too. We are sad and they are too. We suffered a lot, and although we all feel we suffered more, they suffered the same way. When will it stop? When will we live together as brothers?

In spite of the fact I wanted to finish my writing with a smart solution and with an optimistic attitude, I am not an optimist about the situation and I honestly don't have a solution. I really hope someone will find a solution soon.


 A poem by Rina Rodan  (Grade 11)

I stood there in awe when I saw you.

There in the distance I saw you.

Ever since, I won’t stop thinking of you.

I close my eyes and you show up in my dreams.

I’m looking up to the sky, and the clouds describe you.

I won’t stop thinking of you,

At least till the moment I get you.

Your rough appearance

Frightens enemies and shows me that I have to protect myself,

But you also have calmness and tranquility

That reflects kindness

And shows me that I have to have a golden heart.

You are there in the open space.

How will I find you again?

Similar to you, I saw, but I found out that it wasn’t you.

I’ll continue looking for you

Till I find you.

I’ll ask everyone till I get to you.

Maybe one bright day

You will open up to the sun and I’ll show up

And find you again.

I won’t pick you up.

I’ll look at you and drink in your beauty till the end

I’ll name you a Rose…& keep you in my memory…! 

I have written a poem that describes what Romeo is thinking after he had taken the poison because he thinks that Juliet is dead. This poem has no title, sorry J .  - Yarin Snapir  (Grade 11)

A poem

 by Yarin Snapir  

Everything is better now;

I feel so divine, I feel so much better,

We are on a cloud and she is mine forever.

I can still remember how I was frightened,

How I was sad,

When I found out that my sweet love is dead

I wanted to die,

I wanted to fly,

I wanted her to be with me,

But all I could hear was her voice say goodbye.

I ran to her grave,

It's now or never,

I must hurry up,

Before she fades away forever.

And there she was,

Beautiful like then.

And now when she is not in this world,

I guess that my life has come to an end.

She is up there,

And I will also be soon.

I'm coming, my love!

Wait for me by the moon!

I am on the moon.

She is not there.

I can't believe my luck!

She must be here somewhere…

And here I look below me,

I can't believe my eyes,

My love is flying towards me,

You can't imagine my surprise!

Oh beautiful angle of mine,

We are together,

Oh sweet child of mine,

I want to be with you, forever.


By Harel Baravik 

 Romeo has just gone out of the Capulet's party- "feast" after he met Juliet. He was already informed by his best friend that Juliet is a pure Capulet. Romeo is in the middle of an internal flurry of emotions. On the one hand Romeo has never felt strong feelings towards someone like her; on the other hand, he knows what a risk it is to be involved with Juliet, especially in their family's complicated situation. Romeo is aware of the mess he can cause. Here is a glance at what is going on in Romeo's head a moment before he decides to climb on the tree in the direction of Juliet's balcony:

Oh my God, can it be? Have I died and reached the angels?. It must have happened.  I am almost sure that a human being cannot look so fair and be so divine. If I am not dead, come and take me now the Angel of Death, for I have reached the greatest joy, the highest level of happiness.

I am the only one who has reached heaven, who has seen the angels, who has touched Gd's fingers while being still alive to feel it. I am the only one who has felt Juliet's sweet lips! These feelings are better than any other excitement I have ever felt.

What a fool I am. Don't come take me Angel of Death. Not yet, I'm not ready.  God, give me just one more look at this beautiful flower, one more touch, one moment with her, one moment before I find my blood on Capulet's sword. Why does it have to be like this? I love her more than any thing in the world now. I am not a Montague any more. I will concede my name for Juliet's love.

Why do you tease me, god? I am not a sinner. I pray every day and do what is mandatory. Now I am like a man in the desert who can't reach the water he desires so much. I'm helpless!

Oh no, I'm crazy! How could I think about another dance or kiss when my greatest love arises from my greatest hate.

I envy you Juliet's comb for touching her hair, Juliet's blanket, Juliet shoes. How can something as wonderful as love be so wrong? Who has made these painful rules?  Forgive me, God, 'for I have committed my greatest sin in this world - I have loved.


                reative writing - Metaphors, Similes, Contrasts

based on Act 1 Scene 5 Capulet's Dance.


O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear;

Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows,
As yonder lady trooping her fellows shows.

The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.
Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!

For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night

Pupils were asked to create their own metaphors or similes for a man/woman who feels love at first sight. They were asked to use Shakespeare (above) as a model and not be afraid to be creative and daring.

This is what they came up with.

2004-2005                 from Yud Aleph 1  (Grade XI/1)     

Ruti – Oh she doth teach a nun humility.

Ruti – She is a the master bed, in the best suite, in a hotel after along journey of sleepless nights.

Vladi – Thou art a classic single on a rock disk.

Itai – Oh she doth teach Hanan Math.

Itai and Alon – She is as intoxicating as wine.

Rina – Oh she doth teach a peacock how to find a mate.

Adi and Shir – Oh she doth teach a clubber to dance.

Yiftach – Oh she doth teach a flower to photosynthesize.

Yarin – She is a novel in a bookcase of Math books

  Polina – Even white kittens are amazed by his pureness.

Heni and Michael – It seems she smiles like an up-side-down rainbow after the rain.

Maya and Orit – Oh he doth teach apples to be sweet and red.


2004– 2005 Yud Aleph 5  (Grade XI/5)   

 Adi and Valeria – Oh, she is like a school bell in the middle of a boring lesson.

Adi and Valeria – Oh, she is like a new adventure book on a shelf of old encyclopedias.

Yochai – We went to a concert and when she walked into the hall, the orchestra missed a beat.

Ilya and Oz – She is the latest Pentium processor in a junk pile of old computers.

Kassanshe – She is a piece of sugar in the Dead Sea.

Kassanshe – She can teach a deaf man to hear.

Svetlana and Shoshi – Oh, she can make a Chinaman open his eyes.

Maayan and Rachel – It seems she can change the laws of physics.

Omri E – She is a pair of dancing shoes in a group of boots.

Tal – Oh she doth teach a lovely princess to be fair,

           And a  prince to be a rightful heir.

Vitali – She is a star surrounded by black holes.


A Poem on a Marksman      by Mor and Ilana

He is brave like a tiger jumping on his prey

His body is erect like a young tree

He doth teach a gun to shoot,

And a gazelle to run.

He is an arrow that strikes a foe,

That finds its cover under wings of luck

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